Followers of Jesus need to give generously (of their time, energy, money, and resources).
Here are some ways you can put this into practice in your own life:

– Send a care package to a student who is in college/university.

– Pay for another table’s bill at a restaurant.

– Leave a generous tip at a restaurant.

– Look through your belongings and find items you no longer need. Donate them to someone who could use it, or donate it to a charity.

– Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.

– Cook supper for someone and deliver it to their house.

– Offer to babysit for a couple (for free) so that they can enjoy an evening out together.

– Give a compliment to someone. Speak life into a person this week.

– Show your gratitude to members of our EMS, fire, ambulance, and/or police forces. Let them know you care by dropping off a batch of cookies or sending them a pizza.

– Give a word of encouragement to someone who is going through a rough time.

– If you have read a book that impacted you lately, buy a few extra copies and give them away to people who would benefit from reading it.

– Give some of your time to visit someone who is sick or in the hospital.

– Mail out a birthday card to someone you know who is celebrating a birthday soon. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a gift card!

– If you sponsor a child, make an extra donation to that child’s community. If you don’t sponsor a child, start sponsoring one!

– As a family (or with a group of close friends), turn off the TV’s, cell phones, etc, and give each other the gift of your undivided attention for a whole evening.

– Buy a gift card for groceries and give it to someone who you think could use it.

– Invite someone over for supper this week.

– Above and beyond what you normally give, make a donation to the missionaries that the church supports.

– Take a friend out for supper, your treat!

– When you buy your groceries this week, buy something extra to donate to the food bank.

– Give people the gift of kindness. You could start by simply holding a door open for people this week.

– Be quick to give an apology when you make a mistake.

– Give someone the best medicine – laughter! Tell someone a joke!

– Give some of your time to spend with people in a care home.

– If you are out eating at a restaurant, pay for another table’s bill.

– Give someone a compliment and praise someone’s talent.

– Give a moment of your time. When you are returning your shopping cart to the corral, return someone else’s too.

– Know a good cause? Speak up and support it. Send a letter. Write a cheque. Join a group. Be an advocate for what you believe in.

– Offer to drive someone to work, even if it is out of your way.

– Smile. Make a total stranger’s day. Show your pearly whites to someone you don’t know. And when someone smiles at you, smile back.

– If you have kids, buy them a treat the next time you are at a grocery store.

– Cook supper for someone you know who is in need and could use a break. Deliver the meal to them.