Longing For A Break In This World

Some days are hard.
Some days are so full of stress and anxiety and fear and heartache that you long to get away.

You’ve got things that need to be done.
You’ve got projects that are concerning you.
You’ve got some tensions in certain relationships.

And don’t even get me started on what we see in the news!

If we’re being honest, sometimes doesn’t it seem like our spiritual enemy is winning?
Like everything is falling apart and going wrong?

If you’ve ever felt that way, then the book of Revelation has something to say to you!

The Book of Revelation is an authentic taste of what will be.
It is the promise that in the end God wins.

Life may be hard now.
Life may be unfair now.
There may be challenges now.

But in the end, God will demonstrate He is the Victor.
And He will give us a perfect life in Paradise.

The Apostle John was given a vision of the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven.
It is an immense place.
It is a beautiful place.
It is a perfect place.

So the question is, what do we need to do to get there?
How good do we have to be?
What acts do we need to perform?

But this is the message of “The Story”.
That we could never earn our way into God’s Kingdom.
We could never achieve enough to deserve eternal life.

But God, through Jesus, gave us the way.
By paying the price for our sins, and then conquering death itself, Jesus has given us the opportunity to have eternal life.

Romans 10:13 says “All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

And someday, the end will be much like the beginning.

The God who shaped Eden out of chaos will take the chaos of our world and shape it into something new.

A new heaven and a new earth.

So call on His name and experience the life that He has for you.