Praying is all about having a conversation with God. We speak, He listens. He speaks, we listen.
Here are some “conversation starters” to help you communicate with God:

– Pray that many hurting people will find comfort and true rest in God’s presence, and encouragement from His Word.

– Thank God for inviting us to partner with Him in reaching others for His glory.

– Pray that God would open our eyes and grant us the courage to respond to practical needs around us in the name of Christ.

– Pray that our churches will be effective in sharing the message of Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection.

– Pray that we, empowered by the Spirit, will live lives marked by grace and truth as our Lord did.

– Pray that our acknowledgement and understanding of the season of advent will increase wherever Christians are.

– Pray for our hearts to be softened towards one another, so that we can give and receive forgiveness readily within our families, churches, and communities.

– Pray that God will help us to seek ways to bring reconciliation where there is estrangement, restoration where there is brokenness, and comfort where there is mourning.

– Pray for the restoration of homes and resources for those who have suffered loss as a result of discrimination or attack.

– Pray for a tremendous harvest of souls in every place where the Gospel is being shared or lived out.

– Pray that God will strengthen, deliver, and protect Christians being oppressed or attacked for their faith.

– Pray for young people who commit to Christ to be discipled well and to have access to sound biblical doctrine and teaching.

– Pray for healing and encouragement for Christian leaders who have been wounded in their ministries.

– Pray that God will guide decisions of our Canadian government leaders at federal, provincial, and municipal levels for His glory.

– Pray that God will raise up more Christian leaders at all levels of government.

– Pray that students will be bold witnesses for Jesus Christ in their homes, schools, and communities.

– Pray for healing for broken families and complete transformation in communities struggling with high addiction and suicide rates.

– Pray that God would grant us wisdom, courage, and strength to resist temptations and anything that can draw our hearts and lives away from Him.

– Pray that God will intervene in nations where famine, disease, and poverty are persistent challenges.

– Pray that Mission Canada and global workers will continue to find open doors and that God will grant them great effectiveness in their spheres of influence.

– Pray that believers everywhere will have access to effective discipleship, so they will be able to persevere in their faith through testing, trials, and temptations.

– Pray that the gospel will continue to spread in spite of opposition, and that even the hearts of persecutors will be changed.

– Pray that God will help us to remain committed to generous living that makes a difference.

– Pray that we will boldly proclaim the good news of our Saviour who saves people from their sins.

– Pray that we will be good stewards and generously meet the needs of others.

– Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken our love for God so much that we naturally have the need and desire to share this special relationship with others.

– Pray that God will reveal Himself in powerful ways to children, youth, and young adults.

– Pray for God to provide more resources through evangelical Christian channels to invest in community outreach programs, so that thousands can be reached for Christ.

– Pray that our churches would become a more visible expression of God’s love by creatively meeting felt needs in the communities they serve.

– Pray for godly wisdom and discernment of Christian leaders as they engage disadvantaged communities in Canada and around the world, identifying needs and developing strategies to mobilize resources to meet them.

– Pray that a greater number of Christian ministries will be established in schools, universities, and communities where students can be reached and discipled for Jesus Christ.

– Thank God for being a constant presence in our lives – the only One who can give us lasting peace and renew our strength in a fast-paced, chaotic world.

– Pray for the continued strength and effectiveness of our humanitarian agency, Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO).

– Pray that God would open the door for more families throughout Canada to seek, find, and build biblical family values into their lives and homes, so they can be stronger and give more of themselves and their time for each other’s benefit and well-being.